Treatments for Panic Attacks When Sleeping

Panic attacks while sleeping can be compared to night terrors as far as the severity goes. Laying in your warn, soft, safe bed is suppose to be relaxing and comforting. However, if you wake up feeling has if someone has sucked all the oxygen out of your body and your paralyzed you are experiencing what experts call a sleeping panic attack. The good news is that these types of panic attacks are rather rare. The bad news is it can be extremely freighting, more so than an normal panic attack.

However, in this article I am going to provide you with a few treatments for panic attacks when sleeping that will help you get back your peaceful nights sleep! These three treatments for panic attacks when sleeping will help you tremendously.

First if you enjoy a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail before bed because it relaxes you then you need to find another way to relax. Perhaps a hot bath, some soothing classical music, a good book of poetry or even a half an hour of meaningless conversation with your spouse while sipping a cup of herbal tea.

Sleep study experts indicate that people who have consumed alcohol before sleeping have a higher chance of having panic attacks when they are sleeping. It is important to understand that alcohol has a direct effect on the mind and although alcohol is considered fine for recreational purposes, it can cause problems if you are prone to panic attack. Treatments for panic attacks when sleeping include limiting your alcohol intake in the day and completely avoiding drinking before bed time.

Panic attacks can occur when your are stressed about something during the day. It is recommended that you to try and calm yourself, and release any negative thoughts or events that took place during the day. Treatments for panic attacks when sleeping include relaxing your mind before sleeping.

A warm bubble bath preferably with small amounts of aromatherapy oil can help calm your nerves and help you relax before bedtime. Avoid working before bedtime or reading and watching TV programs that make you uneasy. Your mind should be given 2 hours to relax before bed time.

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If you can not sit and do nothing but stare at a wall as suggested about then find a relaxing activity that you enjoy, one that doesn’t require you to think very much. Perhaps knitting, painting, or almost any type of craft related activity is proven to be very therapeutic and calming for the mind.

If crafts are not your thing then find something that you enjoy doing that is relaxing. If you have a dog or cat spend some time petting them. If you have fish sit in front of the aquarium and just watch them, they are absolutely mesmerizing. As long as you can find something relaxing to do before bed then you should sleep peacefully through the night as long as you skip the alcohol and get rid of all your worries.

The treatments for panic attacks when sleeping have been tried by many people and even studied by sleep experts and have brought relief to many people. These steps will help you too if you remember that panic attacks can be overcome and in order to overcome these attacks you will need to faithfully follow the treatments mentioned above.

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