Treat Panic Attacks Agoraphobia

Before we begin to discuss how to treat panic attacks agoraphobia let’s make sure you understand what agoraphobia means and how it is related to panic attacks. Otherwise this article will be somewhat if not completely useless to you.

Agoraphobia is a condition in which a person such as yourself suffers from an intense fear. In this particular case it is the fear of having a panic attack. People who suffer from this have had at least one panic attack. It is not possible to suffer from this condition if you do not know what to fear.

In most cases the person will develop and intense fear of having another panic attack. However, it goes much deeper than that. If you had a panic attack at the grocery store you will develop a fear of “having a panic attack at a grocery store.”

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Where ever you have had a panic attack whether it be the grocery store, the park, the shopping mall, a restaurant, a friends home or even a room in your own home. You will associate having another panic attack in that same place(s). It becomes embedded in your mind that, that particular place is not safe for you because you will have another panic attack!

In most cases the person will avoid the place(s) a panic attack occurred at all costs. With only one exception and that is within their own home. If you have two bathrooms in your home and you had a panic attack in one of them you will most likely avoid that room for a while.

On the hand, if you had a panic attack in your living room you most likely will NOT avoid that room. How is that possible? Simple, your home is your safe place, your comfort zone so to speak. Regardless, of how many or often you have experienced a panic attack in your home your not about to pack up and move out! That’s just the way it is, you love your home and feel safe there. Why would you move just because of a panic attack even though it was a very frightening experience for you.

Moving back to original statement at hand, how to treat panic attacks agoraphobia. First avoiding the place(s) you have panic attacks will NOT change a single thing. If your going to have a panic attack it doesn’t really matter where you are. You have to take a close look at what you where doing, what was going on around you at the time, what you were thinking about when you had the panic attack.

That is the key to solving why you had a panic attack at the grocery store. Where the lines long and you only had 10 minutes to pick up the kids from school? Did the customer in front of you make you feel fearful for any reason? Did the cashier remind you of a loved one who had recently passed away? Being able to answer these questions are your key to treat panic attacks agoraphobia.

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I guarantee you without a doubt if you return to the scene of the panic attack and look around you will find absolutely nothing that caused you to have the panic attack. What caused that panic attack is something that your mind created as a scary or sad situation and that’s okay!

No matter where you go if you suffer from panic attacks you are at risk for having a panic attack. It really is that simple. Sadly, so many people stop living in their lives and going places they love and enjoy because of a panic attack and the best way to treat panic attack agoraphobia is NOT to become it’s victim!

I know that sounds simple and you’re probably reading this thinking “Sure easy for you to say, I bet you never even had a panic attack!” Well, my friend that is where you couldn’t be more wrong! I have had my fair share and then some of panic attacks, on occasion I still have one.

My first panic attack was at work, it lasted over two hours, I was so terrified after about 30 minutes of feeling like I was dieing I called 911 and the paramedics arrived. Obviously, I didn’t die! Nor did I quit my job. What I did do was figure out what caused the panic attack and surprisingly with little effort, and instead of avoiding my life out of fear. I avoided the thoughts that caused the attack.

As cliché as it may sound or maybe even like useless information, the best way to treat panic attack agoraphobia is to try your hardest to stop thinking about having a panic attack, I can assure you that while it may seem like it there is NOT one waiting around every corner, nor is there one lurking in the shadows.

After a panic attack take a quick inventory, did something that scared you? Did you see something that reminded you of an event in your own life that had bad results? Just take a few brief moments and take in your surroundings and you just might come up with the cause of the panic attack.

Then you will realize that you most likely (aside from being in a bank when it was being robbed.) you will realize your fear was irrational and that my friend is the true definition of panic attack agoraphobia a fear of having a panic attack in a specific place.


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