Stress Relief Tips

Do you find yourself having difficulty with stress, and you have noticed it is starting to affect your daily life? Then it is time to add some stress relief tips to your daily routine. Millions of people are weighed down by the stress of their jobs, school and even family life. In this fast paced world we live in, stress is becoming as common as the cold!

The first and most important thing to realize is you’re not alone! You’re also in luck because there are several proven stress relief tips that can help you get a grip on your stress, if not eliminate it all together.

The following stress relief tips will at the very minimal help you to take the edge off. In many cases people who practice them daily or on a regular basis notice a significant improvement and elimination of stress.

1. Laugh 

Laughter is indeed the best medicine, it releases “happy hormones.” The internet is full of great jokes, you can even subscribe to a few hundred different websites that will send “the joke of the day” straight to your email box. Subscribe to a few of these sites and read one joke in the morning and one in the evening.

If jokes are not your style then maybe you would prefer a good laugh at someone else’s expense. While I do realize that doesn’t sound very nice, you must admit seeing someone fall prey to a ridiculously funny situation could be just the thing you need to get that good laugh you so much need. The internet is also full of video sites that offer this non life threatening style of humor.

2. Express yourself

panic-awayKeeping all those seemly tedious thoughts in your mind can increase your stress level. If someone did something that has upset you let them know. Regardless if it seems childish to express your anger or hurt over something such as your spouse forgetting to put the trash by the curb or a friend promising to call back and not doing so.   These may seem like little things not worth mentioning and for a lot of people they are just that, not worth mentioning.

However, when you collect all these seemingly not worth mentioning situations, they turn into something much bigger. It like a ball of yarn, it’s tightly knit together to form a perfect shape but if you tug just a little on the string it begins to unravel and by not mentioning this so called little things you become that ball of yarn and unravel!

3. Exercise

Yes, for many people just hearing the word exercise can make you want to run off screaming! Exercise does not have to be a “nasty” word it can actually be fun. Before you read any further get the picture of the treadmill and local gym out of your mind.

Exercise can be anything from a nice walk with your spouse, a good friend or by yourself. You do not have to power walk, your not training for a marathon, you’re simply enjoying the fresh air, good conversation or maybe the tunes on your IPod.

Tips to Relieve Stress Now! 

Swimming is an enjoyable activity for most people. As is playing in the backyard with your child(s), shooting some hoops, an hour in the park playing Frisbee with your dog. These are all types of exercise. Surely, you can think of an ACTIVITY that you enjoy that allows you to forget your troubles.

4. Me Time 

Whether it be a nice bubble bath, a good book, a favorite TV show or movie. Uninterrupted me time is one of the best stress relief tips there is. Everyone needs time to themselves doing something they enjoy. It’s extremely important to make time for yourself. Everything else can wait!

5. Be Real 

Your family and friends may call you superwoman or superman , but the reality is you are human! No one can be expected to do it all, all the time. If you have taken on the persona of a super hero then you need to examine your reality. Setting goals that the man in the moon can not even reach is unrealistic. Set your goals a little lower and see how quickly your stress level decreases.

The stress relief tips above have helped so many people and if you give them a chance they will help you as well. Life is suppose to be enjoyable and if your living in a constant state of stress there is no way you can even begin to enjoy your life. Slow down, smell the roses and do something for yourself every single day!

Relieve Your Stress Today! 

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