Stress Management

stress-gifStress is something that haunts most of us at some phase in our lives. For many of us stress can be relieved by practicing some of the common stress management methods such as; deep breathing, meditation, exercise, yoga, creative visualization, journaling, and allowing ourselves some quiet time.

For some of us, we need more aggressive stress management techniques which we will take a closer look at, a little later in this stress management article. First let’s take a quick look at the thoughts and questions that people who have major stress management problems ask.

How many times have you heard yourself say “I wish there were more hours in the day!” or “There just isn’t enough time to get everything done!” Or “ Why did I say I would do or go to such and such?”

Those three questions are probably the most asked questions in the world! Fact is there will never be more hours in the day and you will never get everything done because you will just end up adding more to your To Do List! You agreed to do or go to such and such because most people are people pleasers. We all seek acceptance and by making other people happy on some level we feel we have achieved that level of acceptance.

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If those thoughts are ones you have on a regular basis then it’s time to examine your level of stress before we look at the techniques in this stress management article to make sure they are appropriate for you.

First you have to understand your personal stress limits. This is easily done by gauging the way you feel when a stressful situation arises. There are many people who have what I like to call a zero stress level. Which simply means anything can cause you stress. People with major stress issues are nearly always determined to have a zero stress level.

If you have a zero stress level then these stress management tips will provide you with a great deal of stress relief until you can begin to recognize the major stressors in your life. A stressors is also known as a trigger. For example if you had a busy day and you arrive home to be reminded by your child that you need to bake 4 dozen cupcakes for tomorrows school event, that could be a major stressor or trigger.

If this sounds like you chances are that you often take more responsibility then what is ideal. Your body will let you know in a number of ways; headaches, constant feeling of fatigue, easily irritable, cry at the drop of a hat, become anger over the simplest things, and more serious medical conditions such as the onset of anxiety and panic attacks as well as elevated blood pressure. All of which are your bodies way of telling you, enough!

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These stress management tips may seem simple but they are truly effective in reducing your stress.

1. Don’t take on more responsibility than you know you can handle in any given day. If you need to ask yourself how much responsibility can I handle then you know it’s not much. There is no shame in that! You just need to readjust the way you think.

2. Time management plays a crucial role in stress. No human being can be in two places at the same time. Making a schedule of all your appointments and child(s) activities, especially if you have more than one child and have earned the label “Soccer Mom”

3. Organization plays just as an important role in stress management. Get organized and stay organized. You can calendars, charts, a small notebook to write down all the things you need to do and remember.

4. Delegate responsibilities, whether in the home or the work place, you may find that delegating certain responsibilities will ease some of your stress. It is most likely not going to ease it all, but at this point some is better than none. If delegating responsibilities is used with another method you will likely find that you have achieved the balance you where looking for in managing your stress.

5. Take time for yourself. I can’t “stress” this tip enough! You already know what happens when you do not make time to something enjoyable for yourself. Now that you have you stress under control and possibly have even eliminated it from your life you will want to keep it that way. Making time for yourself is the best way to do that. YOU are important and deserve to do things you enjoy, regardless of how busy your life may be!

Researches indicate that people who use the tips in this stress management article, live happier longer lives. Join the ranks and start living again!


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