Steps to Stop Panic Attacks

There are several steps to stop panic attacks. You should choose one or two at most and practice them everyday. That way when a panic attack strikes you are armed and ready to stop it in it’s tracks!

If you suffer from frequent panic attacks then by now you probably have a good idea when one is about to happen. If panic attacks are new for you, don’t worry I can still provide you with steps to stop panic attacks.

Millions of people are inflicted by the racing heart, sweaty palms, intense feelings of fear, the impending feeling of doom, shortness of breath and even chest pains that we have come to label as a panic attack.

The first step in stopping a panic attack is to see it for what it really is. An irrational fear of something, or an event. If you remember the three important things you will be well on your way to learning the steps to stop panic attacks.

1. A panic attack can NOT kill you! You will NOT die from a panic attack.

2. A panic attack (usually) only last a few minutes.

3. You are in complete control during a panic attack.

While the three tips above may not sound like they will help you during a panic attack, trust when I say they will from my own personal experience. Knowing those three things listed above will not only reassure you that your going to be okay, but it also gives you something positive to think about during a panic attack.

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Now you may be asking “Why would I want to think about the panic attack, while having one?” Not only is that a great question but the answer is very simple. Those three thoughts are POSITIVE and when you are having a panic attack, it is sometimes hard to think about the last vacation you had, or the day at the beach last weekend when you where in a state of relaxation bliss. So, I guess you could say it’s a positive thought when your mind is to busy being filled with fear.

It also helps to say those three positive thoughts to yourself or out loud a few times a day, each and everyday. Even if you do not have panic attacks everyday. It is a preparation of sorts, so that the thoughts become second nature when you do experience a panic attack.

Additional steps to stop panic attacks include deep breathing, which is easily done by taking a deep breath in and holding it for a count of 3 then slowly releasing it while counting to 5. This helps your body and mind to relax refocuses your thoughts from the panic attack to your breathing.

Self talk is another of the commonly used steps to stop panic attacks. By self talk I don’t mean start having a conversation with yourself about the weather or your day at work. Self talk is best done as thoughts if your in public and of course, out loud if your at home, or an environment that you feel comfortable in.

Self talk can be as simple as repeating to yourself “I’m Okay!” When you say, say it like you mean it. Another good statement to use is “It will be over soon!” or “It’s just a panic attack!” The last statement takes a good amount of power away from the actual panic attack. If you view the panic attack as something little or something that happens regularly (whether it does or not) you are literally making it less powerful.

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Let’s look at an example of taking the power out of a panic attack. You live in hurricane country, your watching the evening weather and the meteorologists reports “We have a tropical storm developing, looks like it will die out before it reaches land.” Naturally you breath a sigh of relief.

The next morning while your getting ready for work your listening to the news. Your developing tropical storm is now a category 3 hurricane named HAHA. It’s clear that the words category 3 and hurricane pack a lot of power. Notice in the above statement it doesn’t mention how fast it’s moving, where it’s heading or anything else that is relevant to your location.

Now your on your way to work in the car and weather report comes on again and discover that the hurricane called HAHA is not going to hit land anywhere near you. It will be so far away you won’t even get a drop of rain or a 5 mph gust of wind from it.

That last report took all the power out of hurricane HAHA didn’t it? When you apply the same method to a panic attack it will have the same effect. “It’s just a Panic Attack.” You have the ability to not only take the power out of it but to put stop it by simply changing the way you think about it! Think of a panic attack as a nuisance not a life threatening situation because in reality all it is, is a nuisance. You can remove the nuisance of a panic attack from you life just by dismissing it.

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