Natural Remedies for Depression

If you suffer from depression, you’re not alone. One in four women and one in ten men, suffer from some type of depression during their lifetime. Many people seek natural remedies for depression with amazing results.

Acute depression is usually the result of a traumatic event such as the loss of a loved one. It can last a few days to several months if proper treatment is not sought.

Chronic depression on the other hand can last for years and is often a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, or a traumatic event that you may not be able to mentally deal with and release.

There are several reason why you may be suffering from depression whether it be acute or chronic. The important thing is addressing the different types of natural remedies for depression. So you can stop suffering and start living again!



Herbs are one of the most commonly used and effective natural remedies for depression. The four most common used herbs are; Skull cap, St. John’s Wort, Ginseng and Ashwagandha.

1. Skull cap is often used as an ingredient in many natural remedies for depression however, it is also possible to buy skull cap extract from a pharmacy or natural health food store. Although this herb is very beneficial and is one of the most recommended natural remedies for depression, some care has to be taken while opting for this drug. Always follow the directions as you would with any medications.

2. St. John’s Wort is another herb that can help cure depression. A clinical trial conducted in the 1980’s indicated that St. John’s Wort can be as effective as any anti depressant drug on the market if taken in the right dosage and in the prescribed way. This herb is one of the most used natural remedies for depression.

3. Ginseng can cure both acute and chronic depression. Ginseng is available both in both natural health food stores and pharmacies in the form of teas and extracts. It is also possible to get Ginseng tincture and make your own herbal concoction. Many herbalists will also make you a Ginseng herbal tonic.

4. Ashwagandha can help you with depression also since this herb works by increasing the stress thresh hold limit of a person. This herb is considered the second best herb on the market all the natural remedies for depression since it does not have any side effects, and has added benefits like improving your memory and concentration.

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Many times when we are depressed our desire to do anything will disappear. Our minds are consumed with the emotional issue(s) or event(s) that have caused the depression in the first place. You may find yourself having trouble even getting out of bed in the morning. As difficult as it may be, you need to pull yourself up by the boot straps (so to speak), get out of the bed and get active. There are numerous activities that you can partake in that will help ease your depressed mind.

I do know how difficult this can be when all you want to do is just disappear! Here I am telling you to get up and get moving. One of the best natural remedies for depression is to participate in an activity you enjoy. Sure I understand that you may not enjoy it very much while your depressed, but by trying to move forward with your life you are at least making an attempt to overcome the depression.

Even if the activity takes your troubles away for a few minutes at a time that is an improvement. Each day try to add a few minutes to the activity. Spend time with your loved ones and friends, the company of others who care about you can chase the demon called depression away quicker than any other method!

panic-away-animatedI must add that if you have thoughts of harming yourself, please seek professional help right away. Regardless, of what has caused your depression, whether it be the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or you’re just plain feed up with everything. Your life is worth living! Remember the old cliché’ saying and if it helps repeat it often to yourself, “This too shall pass.” While it may not seem like it will pass at all or soon enough, trust when I say it will!

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    Natural Remedies for Depression |

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