Lift Weights to Control Panic Attacks

If you suffer from panic attacks regularly then you know how hard it can be face a situation that triggers a panic attack. It is important for you to know that you can lift weights to control panic attacks.

Here are a few things you need to know about panic attacks and how when you lift weights you can control your panic attacks.

Panic Away

Panic Away

Panic attacks can cause symptoms such as shortness of breathe, dizziness, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your extremities and a racing heat as well as numerous other things. A panic attack usually only last a few minutes, although it can seem like hours. When a person is experiencing a panic attack he/she breathes short shallow breathes which can cause the panic attacks to worsen.

Deep breathing exercises are recommended by doctors when a person has a panic attack in order to get enough oxygen to the brain, which will calm the brain down and reduce the symptoms of the panic attack while refocusing the brain on breathing not on the physical symptoms you are feeling from the panic attack.

Lifting weights on the other hand does something more than just helping you take in the required amounts of oxygen. When you lift weights to control panic attacks you are ensuring that you do not take in too much oxygen since as you attempt to lift weights to control panic attacks you are actually forced to take in deep breaths and exhale out the air which means that your body is getting the right amount of oxygen.

When you lift weights to control panic attacks your body releases endorphins into your system which acts as a natural pain killer. Other hormones such as adrenaline are also released into your system which helps you get extra energy. These two hormones along with regulated oxygen intake can indeed help your panic attacks reduce tremendously and help ease the symptoms.

While lifting weights it is important to remember that panic attacks can weaken your body temporarily and the weights you choose should be light in case you have a panic attack while you are lifting the weights. Remember a panic attack will strike suddenly with no warning and you don’t want to be standing there holding an extra 100 pounds or more!

It is recommended that you have a spotter when you lift weights in case you have a panic attack. So your spotter can help you lower the bar or remove it from your grip if necessary so you do not cause yourself any serious bodily harm.

Lifting weights to control panic attacks works pretty much the same way as any other type of exercise. It oxygenates the body, tightens and relaxes the muscles and refocuses the mind to the exercise or in this case the lifting of the weights.

It is crucial to remember that although lifting weights can help you control panic attacks everyone’s body reacts in a different way to different situations. Therefore, it is important to discuss weight lifting with your doctor before starting a weight lifting regimen.

Many men and woman have reported a decrease and even a complete stop to their panic attacks by lifting weights on a regular basis. Just don’t over do it especially if you’re a beginner to world of weight lifting.

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