How to Stop Worrying

Worrying is a common problem that affects a majority of the people in the world. Worrying for major problems is considered normal. If you find yourself unemployed or without the rent money then worrying is a natural reaction. If you or a family member or dear friend were about to have major surgery then of course your instinct would tell you to worry.

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However, if you worry about minor things, or everything such as if you remember to turn off the kitchen light before you left for work. Whether you will make it to work on time even though you have left the house 20 minutes earlier for the past 10 years and have always arrived at work 20 minutes early, then it is time to learn how to stop worrying!

If you’re a life long worry wart than learning how to stop worrying will take some time, but with a little patience and a good amount of persistence you will be able to learn how to stop worrying.

Most people who get worried easily tend to worry day in and out, the worrying has become a part of their personality. Some would say it’s just who I am. Now ask your self the million dollar question. “Is it who I want to be?” 99.00% of the people asked that question would immediately answer “NO!”

So how do you learn to stop worrying? You actually have two choices if one works great, if it doesn’t work as well as you would like then you have a second option. Of course, some worriers use both methods successfully.


That means exactly what it says! Postpone your worries, most worries as we discussed above are not even worth worrying about. So postponing them for a few minutes, or hours is not going to have any effect on the source of the worry at all. That is NOT to say that your worries are not important to you, because it is very obvious that they are. So by postponing them you are by no means dismissing them, just learning how to stop worrying.

Postponing your worries is a method which allows you to worry for a specific time every day. In the beginning you may not be able to worry just once a day so instead of worrying all day, perhaps you could “schedule” your worry time for five every hour. Once you have successfully reach that goal, which you will. Then move on to every other hour and continue this worrying pattern until you have reached the goal of worrying only once a day. From there you will want to have a worry free day, by that I mean skip a day and only worry every other day.

By following this pattern within time you will find that worrying really serves you no purpose at all. Things you worry about will resolve themselves and prove to you there was no need to even worry about it in the first place!

Stop Worrying! Get Panic Away Now!


Challenging the thoughts that cause you to worry another way you can learn how to stop worrying. This method is very simple and you can do it anywhere. Some people prefer to write down there worry, while other opt to just “think” about it while challenging it.

By challenging the worry with questions such as, “What is the proof that this worry will indeed yield a bad result” or “How is this situation going to change by me worrying about it?” By actually challenging the worry and finding a logical solution for yourself that will help you understand that most worries have no basis and no impact on your life, when we are dealing with minor worries. For major worries we have already discussed that in most cases they deserves attention and that attention most often results in worry.

Once a person understand that worries have no basis and are unpleasant thoughts that can be avoided with the above methods, the person will comprehend how to stop worrying. Support groups are also very beneficial, sometimes it just takes another worrier to assure you that they too worry about the same types of things, often times they can suggest other methods to help you learn how to stop worrying.


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