How to Stop Panic Attacks When Driving

Panic attacks come out of no where like a bolt of lightening. The worst place you can have a panic attack is while driving. This can be one of the most terrifying experience a person can have. Not only does it put you and your passengers in danger, but all the other cars on the road as well.

It is extremely important to stay in control if you have a panic attack while driving. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that, what I need to do is tell you what to do if you have a panic attack while driving.

Every situation is different if you are driving on a side road slow your car down and ease off to the side of the road and put your car in park and practice the methods you have learned or will learn in the article on how to stop a panic attack while driving.

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If your driving down an eight lane freeway going 70 mph in the car pool lane no less, that is a bit trickier and you will really need to work the methods your going to learn in this article. Obviously, if the attack is moderate to severe you want to get off at the next exit and park your car and get together before you continue on your trip.

Remember a few things; most likely you have been driving for a long time or at least long enough to know your not suddenly going to forget how to drive. Use this to your advantage. Repeat to yourself out loud “I’m an excellent driver and everything is under control.” Keep repeating this until you can safely get your car into the far right lane and get off at the next exit and safely park somewhere.

If you have a passenger in the car tell them you are having a panic attack and to talk to you about anything (except the panic attack) while they help you get your car to exit lane. If you have a child(ren) in the car, remind yourself that you NEED to get your child(ren) home safely say it out loud. When you talk to yourself out loud not only can you hear the words coming out of your mouth, but some how they become more than just a thought, they become a reality!

Whether you are driving alone, with passengers or your children as long as you talk yourself through the process of getting the car and everyone in it to safety you will be focused on safety and the chances of you doing something irrational that could cause an accident are slim to none! Because you are in control of the situation.

Believe it or not once your car is parked and all are safe the panic attack will be long gone. However, you will be shaken up y the experience and should spend a little time just sitting and allowing your mind to unwind and calm down.

Now that we have covered the basics of how to get to safety lets look at some methods that you can learn for how to stop panic attacks when driving. These methods are beneficial if you have mild panic attacks or if you can feel the panic attack starting, which some people can.

I always know when a panic attack is coming because my feet get very hot and the heat begins to rise up my legs. Others say they know a panic attack is coming because they can hear their heart beating faster than normal.

Lets look at this three methods that you can quickly and easily learn for how to stop panic attacks when driving.

1. Practice deep breathing

In order to stop panic attacks when you are on the road it is recommended that you begin deep breathing when you to feel an attack coming on or when one begins. You can safely deep breath while getting to the side of the road or off the freeway.

2. Ask yourself what thoughts invade your mind when you are facing panic attacks on to road

In order to understand how to stop panic attacks when driving it is important to understand that driving may make you anxious and be the trigger for the panic attacks.

3. Find a statement that can help you relax

Statements such as “Millions of people drive everyday and get to where they are going safely.” That statement is great if your panic attacks are caused from a fear of driving or accidents. If you just suddenly have a panic attack it will also work well. Or the statement from above “I’m an excellent driver and everything is under control.”

While understanding how to stop panic attacks when driving it will be helpful to try all three of the above tips. Don’t let panic attacks force you to ride the bus or have to depend on someone else for a ride. Just because you had one panic attack while driving doesn’t mean you will have another. Have some faith in yourself and your ability to calm yourself during a panic attack.

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