How to Deal with Panic Attacks

The first time and the last time, I had a panic attack, I thought I was dieing, as do most people. A panic attack is one of the most terrifying things a person can experience. Not only does your mind go into extreme overdrive your body follows suit and it seems a battle between your body and mind is taking place. Learning how to deal with panic attacks will help you tremendously.

Panic attacks can strike without warning. It does not care if you are out with family and friends enjoying a nice dinner. You could be at Walt Disney World “The happiest place on earth” and BAM! You could be sitting in the comfort of your own home all snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite show or a great love story, when all of the sudden a panic attack starts.

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Your heart starts to beat faster and faster till you can hear it ringing in your ears. Your palms become all sweaty and you feel like you can’t breath. You suddenly become dizzy and feel like your going to pass out. Your mind starts to chime in with horrible thoughts! All you can think is I’m dieing!

While it certainly does feel that way, I can assure you NO one has ever died from a panic attack and no one ever will. I’m not going to lie to you, learning how to deal with panic attacks is hard!

However, the more you are able to educate yourself about panic attacks the more likely you will be able to deal with panic attacks. Know the symptoms of a panic attack they are numerous and can mimic several different conditions such as a heart attack. Which is usually the first thought people have, “I’m having a heart attack!” Does that statement sound familiar? Chances are you are NOT having a heart attack.

To prove this to yourself search or ask your doctor the symptoms of a heart attack. There are four major tell tale signs of a heart attack and with a panic attack you will only have two of the symptoms. You will most likely experience the chest pain and the sweating. Your arm will NOT become numb, nor will you just keel over.

Learning how to deal with panic attacks is your best defense against them. The first and most important rule, and I cannot stress this enough is, do NOT fight the panic attack, just go with it! If you fight the panic attack, which most people do because it is only natural to fight for your life. If you learn techniques and use them during a panic attack instead of fighting it, it will likely end much sooner.

Discover How to Deal with Panic Attacks

I know it is almost impossible to even think, let a lone remember how to do the simple techniques you have learned such as deep breathing, talking calmly to yourself in a reassure way that you are okay. If you do not know how to deal with a panic attack then you need to learn.

Those two methods are the most beneficial for learning how to deal with a panic attack. The deep breathing will slow your breathing allowing more oxygen to get to your brain which will increase the oxygen level and eliminate the dizziness and tingling sensations which are caused by a lack of oxygen to the extremities.

Deep breathing will also calm the rest of the body at the same time. The brain will send a signal to the rest of your body, letting it know it’s okay we are getting enough oxygen. Even though your body IS getting enough oxygen to sustain life the brain becomes confused and sends distress signals during a panic attack.

Self talk will allow your mind to get a better handle on what’s going on. By simply repeating “I’m okay!” Your mind will start to refocus your thought patterns from terror to calmness.

Luckily, most panic attacks only last a few minutes. Which I agree is way too long! However, by following just those two simple methods, you can learn to deal with your panic attacks. It may bring you some comfort to know that some people will only ever experience one panic attack, while others may have to suffer with them for a longer period of time.

It has been my personal experience that just because you have one or even four panic attacks in a single day or over the period of a week, you should NOT expect to have them on a regular basis. Panic attacks can leave just as quickly as they started and never return again! Don’t think about them, don’t live in fear of when the next one will come because it may never come!


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