How to Control Panic Attacks

When your brain sends distress signals to your body and the body reacts the symptoms can vary from extreme nervousness, acute anxiety, shortness of breath and the feeling of impending “doom” then you know you are having a panic attack. This article will help you understand how to control panic attacks and hopefully how to get rid of them for once and all!

The first way to control panic attacks is by making an appointment with a mental health specialist. Who can prescribe medications that can help you get through the panic attacks if needed. Prescription medications such as Valium, Xanax, Zoloft, Paxil, and numerous others can be prescribed to help control or in many causes eliminate your panic attacks once and for all.

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Although, you may not want to take medication for your panic attacks, you need to know that medications have helped millions of people live normal panic attack free lives now. Some of those people will remain on medication for the rest of their lives. While others choose to use them as a temporary method until they can begin therapy or alternative treatments to help them eliminate the panic attacks.

Understanding how to control panic attacks without the use of prescription medication can be a very difficult task. Primarily, because your mind is constantly be waiting for the next panic attack to strike. Being preoccupied doesn’t leave any room for learning techniques that can help you reduce and eliminate the panic attacks.

Regardless, if you decide to skip the medication route you can at least try other techniques that have been proven to help. If they do not require you to think to much. For example exercising for 30 minutes a day, five times a week has been said to be as beneficial as 20 mg. of one of the medications listed above. It is certainly worth a try if you want to avoid the medication route.

While understanding how to control panic attacks it is important to note that deep breathing along with exercising helps to relax the body and lessen the possibility of a panic attack.

The third way to control panic attacks is to try out a holistic treatment such as homeopathy or Ayurveda. Both these branches of natural medicine attempt to treat the underlying problem as well as the physical symptoms which result in the panic attacks. While understanding how to control panic attacks it is important to know that homeopathy and Ayurveda can take a few weeks to work.

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The most important way to understand how to control panic disorders is to understand that there is an underlying emotional problem which needs to be treated. If you feel that none of the methods listed above are helping you then you will need to take a more aggressive approach to control the panic attacks.

The brain sends distress signals to the body when it is under stress due to various reasons. Stress can be caused due to people, places or situations and cognitive therapy as well as talk therapy can help to uncover those hidden demons that cause your panic attacks. Putting an abrupt end to them! The therapist will guide you step by step on how to control panic attacks and will ask you to perform exercises like deep breathing and other helpful techniques that will help you break the vicious cycle of suffering from panic attacks.

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