Best Treatments for Panic Attacks

The best treatments for panic attacks can be narrowed down to any treatment that works! There are hundreds of treatments available but not all treatments may work for you. However, I can assure you without a doubt there is at least one treatment that is right for you, you just have to find it and with a little patience and diligence you will find it!

Let’s start by taking a look some of the most common known and titled best treatments for panic attacks.

1.  It should come as no surprise that prescription medication holds the title for best treatments for panic attacks.

2.  A close second is therapy, either talk or cognitive, Bio-feedback, and even hypnosis. I want to share with you a method that I discovered that somewhat fits in with the therapy realm of treatments.

panic-away-animatedIt is although considered as natural health or alternative treatment. It’s called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) you can look it up on line for a free information. Basically you tap on certain meridians on your body while repeating an affirmation. It is simple and quick and can be done in the privacy of your own home or on a public bus! It’s worth looking in to if you prefer to avoid addictive medications and a few years of therapy.

3.  Nutritional changes, many people experience panic attacks after eating food they are unaware that they are allergic too. Keep a record of what you eat and see if a panic attack strikes within 30-60 minutes after eating. Then one by one remove a regularly eaten food item from your diet and see if you stop having panic attacks.

4.  Natural remedies and supplements can also be considered best treatments for panic attacks. Natural remedies can be made by you in your home, in form of teas or tonics. They can also be purchased from herbalists or at natural health food stores and Holistic healing centers/stores.

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Bach’s Rescue Remedy is the absolute best calming remedy available. It is a combination of herbs made into a liquid form. You can add the recommended drops to a glass of water and drink it, or even put a few drops on your wrist and behind the ears to stop a panic attack! Bach’s is very well know in the Holistic world and their products come highly recommended.

5.  Relaxation should not be forgotten when looking for the best treatments for panic attacks. By relaxing and clearing your mind of all the clutter from the day or maybe even the week, if you’re a pack rat is extremely beneficial to preventing panic attacks, if the nature of the attack is stress related.

Of course unless you have been diagnosed with a food allergy that you know is causing your panic attacks then we have no choice but to assume it is stress or emotional related. Mediation, yoga, walking, swimming, reading, a warm soothing bath or a stroll along the beach can all be very relaxing.  Whatever works best for you to relax your mind is what you should be doing at least 30 minutes a day. Relaxation is the best preventive measure you can take to stopping a panic attack before it even begins!

The best treatments for panic attacks are any treatment you can find that will work for you. You may need to use more than one treatment, but that’s okay as long as they work. There is no perfect treatment for panic attacks unfortunately, at least not yet. Stay strong and don’t let panic attacks control your life. You have a lot of living to do and fun to be had. Tuck those thoughts of panic attacks in the back of your mind and trudge forward and deal with them when they surface.

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