Benadryl to Treat Panic Attacks

Benadryl is an over the counter medication that is classified as a sedative antihistamine. It is most commonly used for allergic reactions, such as bee stings, hives and swelling caused from food allergies or environmental allergies.

Some doctors suggest the use of Benadryl to treat panic attacks when the person has a mild case of panic attacks and another medical conditions that could or would be effected by the use of a anti-anxiety medication such as Valium.

The benefit of using Benadryl to treat panic attacks is the medications sedative effect. It has the same effective in a much smaller dose as Valium. It also causes drowsiness, which will relax your body and most likely put you to sleep for a few hours.  During a panic attack as you may already know sleep is a nice escape. However, you always want to follow the directions on the bottle and never take more than the recommend dosage!

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So how does Benadryl actually work to treat panic attacks? I would have to say that first, Benadryl is not an ideal treatment for you, if you have moderate to severe panic attacks that occur often. If you do then you need to seek the help of a mental health professional to find a treatment or medication to help you reduce or completely eliminate the panic attacks. Benadryl is a short term fix!

Sedatives work by suppressing the functions of the central nervous system. Sedatives such as Benadryl may only work for a short time for most people. Once you build up a blood level, the Benadryl will no longer be as effective and eventually it will become non effective IF you take it on a daily basis as if it were a prescription medication. If you are going to attempt to use Benadryl to treat panic attacks, you would be much better of getting prescription medication from your doctor in a low dose.

If you are taking an MOA inhibitor drug(s) you can not take Benadryl to treat panic attacks. The side effects are unpleasant and can cause you serious harm. If you are taking Benadryl on a regular basis as a method to treat your mild occasional panic attacks, you should not have a job or lifestyle that requires your to drive or operate heavy equipment, nor should you mow your lawn after taking Benadryl. As you know already the purpose of taking Benadryl is to calm your mind and sedate you.

Drugs such as Benadryl may help you temporarily, but it is important to remember that panic attacks are a symptom and not the actual problem. A thought to consider before opting for Benadryl to treat panic attacks is that if this medication was really helpful then doctors would be prescribing it for you. Millions of men and woman suffer from panic attacks and they have found a permanent cure and you will too!

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