Cure Panic Attacks

panic-away-animatedPanic attacks or anxiety attacks first occur `out of the blue’ for no apparent reason and the peak time for the first attack is between the ages of fifteen and thirty. Some people often think of a panic attack as a nervous breakdown or feel that they cannot cope with their current active lifestyle. The good news is you can cure panic attacks with a combination of treatments depending on the person these ways to cure panic attacks are listed below.

To cure panic attacks it is very important that you develop the right attitude of mind. The right attitude includes the following: learning how to handle good and bad days, learning how to handle set backs and not expecting a miracle cure.

You can cure panic attacks if you make yourself responsible for your own recovery. Here are some steps that you could follow to test out what really happens when you have an attack.

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First of all make a list of the main situations that are most difficult for you and tend to make you panic. Next list the things that will help you not to panic in such situations- safety nets. By setting up this personal experiment you will be able to find a way to cure panic attacks.

It is also important to understand what things you can do when you are starting to panic and get agitated- last resorts. The whole brown paper bag trick gives you temporarily relief from a panic attack and allows you to focus on just one thing –your breathing. Other ways to bring down your panic is to try and relax, trying to find a chair to sit down on, taking a tablet, calling a trusted friend, drinking water, drinking alcohol. 
As you are working through this experiment to cure panic attacks it is important that you go into the difficult situations (that you will list in your experiment), without the safety nets and the last resorts as discussed above.

Keeping a panic diary is important to look back on the progress that you make and whether or not this method has been successful in curing your panic attacks.   

By following this system you will be able to cure panic attacks.

The typical benefits of this therapy is that panic attacks will occur less often, the attacks will be less severe, your mood will lift and you will not need to rely on benzodiazepines or anti-depressants any longer.

You have got nothing to loose if this method does not work for you there are alternative therapies and medications that you could take just imagine how you will feel when you no longer panic and you can tell your friends how you cure panic attacks.

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